Where are the Report Buttons?

I can’t see any Report Buttons anywhere

The most common reason for not seeing any report buttons is that you are logged in with administrator privileges. Admins cannot report from the front end (as they would effectively be telling themselves something they already know). You can create reports from the admin side however, and this is useful to keep a log of any unacceptable behaviour, perhaps in anticipation of one of your users reporting it in the future.

An easy way to check whether this is the reason you can’t see any report buttons, is to check any user profile for a (non-admin) member. If you can see a suspend button, you won’t see a report button.

Similar to the above is where you have only administrators on your site. Admins cannot be reported. If your site is still in development, it is common to only have administrators as testing accounts. Therefore, you will not see any report buttons. Please ensure you have created at least one ‘dummy’ non-admin profile, to test how your standard subscribers will see your site. We suggest the use of a dummy data plugin such as the awesome BP-Default-Data plugin by slaFFik.

The next most common reason, is that you have not enabled reporting for that particular activity type in the report settings. Please ensure you have checked each report type you wish to allow reporting for. If you want all activity types to be reportable, your settings should look like this:

If you have ticked all the relevant activity types, and have tried logging in as a standard member to see how the site looks without admin privileges, and the report buttons are still missing, please get in contact with us.

I can see some Report Buttons, but others are missing

If you can only see some Report Buttons, or a Report Button is disabled, greyed out or nothing happens when you click on it, this is likely because that particular item cannot be reported. The reasons an item cannot be reported are as follows:

  • You are an administrator (although in this case you should not be able to see any buttons)
  • You have been blacklisted from making reports (although in this case you should not be able to see any buttons)
  • You are not logged in (although in this case you should not be able to see any buttons)
  • You are trying to report an item that was created or authored by an administrator or other whitelisted role
  • You have already reported that particular item. The ability to make repeated reports about the same item is turned off by default, to prevent flooding the system. You can turn this back on in the settings.
  • You cannot report your own items
  • You cannot report items created by users who have been deleted

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