25% off to celebrate Version 3.4!

We are so excited with Version 3.4 of Block, Suspend, Report for BuddyPress!

Thanks to your feature requests, you can now report WordPress comments, and if you block someone, these will now be hidden. We’ve also finished the integration with bbPress; as well as being able to report bbPress topics and replies, these will now also be hidden when you block their creators.

We’ve added an option to allow suspended users to log in. We heard you wanted more flexibility around what happens with suspended users, and many of you wanted them to still be able to browse your sites. To help you with this, the Enterprise edition comes with action hooks so you can make things happen when a user is suspended (and unsuspended). You also now have the option of assigning a role whilst suspended. This means you now have complete control over what that user can do on your site, whilst their suspension is in force. Clever, eh?

We’ve also added an option in the Block Settings to automatically cancel friendships when blocking someone. We know sites do things differently, so this will give you the flexibility to choose whether someone will have to re-friend someone if the unblock them.

How does that sound? We are now convinced our moderation plugin is the best available, packed to the rafters with features. So, because we think you will be excited too, we are offering 25% of the Enterprise Edition, with the coupon code:


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