How to use the Custom Meter Panel

Once you have selected the custom meter from the meter types panel, the Custom Meter menu item will appear, as below.

In this panel, you will see four settings. Let’s look at what each one does.

Select a Base Image

Each custom meter is actually made up of two different images, a base image and an overlay image. You can read more about that here. This is where you upload your base image. If you make a mistake, hit the red cross at the top left of the preview image to start over.

Select an Overlay Image

Select your overlay image here.

Raised Amount

This is the point at which the animation stops, and therefore, the amount you have raised. This will always be a percentage (note how you don’t see a goal amount as you would with other meters). So you need to do a simple calculation to work out your progress if you are tracking money, or tangible goods. If you need help, try an online percentage calculator.

Display Counter

The final element is a simple option to display the percentage below the custom meter. It features a cool animation in time with the image itself, and gives your visitors an immediate and unambigous display of exactly what you’ve achieved so far. Give it a whirl!

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