The Reports Table

The new reports table features heaps of new information, so you can keep track of new and existing reports. Lets take a look around it.

The first column tells you who made the report, and when (1). The second column tells you the activity type, and the third column, the report category. When a user makes a report, they choose the most relevant report category, but an administrator can change the category, or add more (2), to help them process the report.

Column four shows you who the report is about (3). Also included is a count of how many reports that user is the subject of, and how many have been upheld. The first is useful to quickly see if that particular user is a repeat offender. The second gives you a guide to whether that user’s activity is genuinely poor, or whether other users may be making false or malicious reports against him. Column five shows the reported content (4).

Column six uses a traffic light system to give the status of a report. Reports that have been unsubstantiated, will be shown in green (5). As these reports are considered to have been investigated, but do not require further action, they do not count for the purpose of auto-moderation.

Yellow and red symbols relate to the item itself. A yellow circle (6) means that the item to which the report relates has not yet met the threshold for auto-moderation, or has been yet to be manually moderated by an administrator. Red circles (7) mean that the item has been moderated and is now hidden/suspended/deleted, depending on the type of item. If you see a purple symbol, this means you are looking at an administrator created report.

Lastly, the number in the circle is the number of times that specific item has been reported.

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