How do I use the new email system?

In Version 3.0, we rebuilt the plugin’s email feature to allow it to take advantage of BuddyPress’s native email service. This has the following benefits:

  • Every email can now be edited via the BuddyPress Emails menu item
  • Emails can include any of the standard BuddyPress email tokens, such as recipient’s name
  • The emails can make use of Block, Suspend, Report’s new email tokens, such as the report type or content

Once you have activated Version 3, please take some time to check your settings in the Email tab on the Report Settings screen. By default, administrator emails gets sent to the main site administrator address. However, you may enter an alternative email address (or addresses, separated by commas) into the first box. This is useful where a particular administrator will be taking care of reports.

Email Settings

Now that you have decided which emails to send, you may decide to change the email content. This is all handled from the BuddyPress ‘Emails’ menu item. When you click on this, you should see a list of all emails currently available.

BuddyPress Emails Screen

To change any of these emails, simply click on them. You will be taken to the Email Configuration screen.

Email Configuration screen

The larger panel allows you to change the content of the HTML version of the email. The smaller one below, the plain text version. You may use BuddyPress tokens to dynamically populate the content, and you can read more about these here. The two main tokens we introduce are:

{{bptk_report.item_type}} – this places the type of activity into the email (group, member, activity, forum topic etc)

{{bptk_report.item_content}} – this inserts a copy of the content that has been reported into the email. In most cases, this will be a link to the particular page.

On the right, there is a box to select when each email gets sent. For emails relating to Block, Suspend, Report for BuddyPress, you will probably already have enabled these in the Emails tab in the plugin settings, however there is one special case below.

How do I turn off emails to suspended users?

Your site members are actually handled as reportable items, the same as a group, comment, or forum. This means that your site users can report a member themself, as well as any content they add to the site. You may decide that you want to notify a member that their content has been hidden, but not a member when they are suspended. We suggest you keep the ‘Notify author/user on moderation’ email turned on in the report settings email tab, but to turn off the user suspended email, by unticking it in Situation Box as shown in the image above.

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