Where are the Block Buttons?

I can’t see any Block Buttons anywhere

The most common reason for not seeing any block buttons is that you are logged in with administrator privileges. Admins cannot block other users (admins have the ability to suspend users instead, but more importantly it would prevent admins from seeing what other users are doing).

An easy way to check whether this is the reason you can’t see any block buttons, is to check any user profile for a (non-admin) member. If you can see a suspend button, you won’t see a block button.

Similar to the above is where you have only administrators on your site. Admins cannot be blocked. If your site is still in development, it is common to only have administrators as testing accounts. Therefore, you will not see any block buttons. Please ensure you have created at least one ‘dummy’ non-admin profile, to test how your standard subscribers will see your site. We suggest the use of a dummy data plugin such as the awesome BP-Default-Data plugin by slaFFik.

The next most common reason, is that you have disabled block buttons for your members, either on user profiles or the member directory. If you want block buttons to appear on both, your settings should look like this:

Check the boxes to disable block buttons in those areas.

If you have tried all the above, and you still do not see block buttons, please get in contact with us.

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