You've done the hard work. Now display your success. Ultimeter is the most advanced goal meter and progress bar system for WordPress.

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Choose your meter style

  • Thermometers and Progress Bars
  • Vertical Ladders
  • Text-based counters
  • Circular
  • Use your own logo or design

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Add your meter to any post, page or sidebar

  • Use the new Ultimeter Block to quickly add a meter
  • Use the new Ultimeter Widget to add a meter to a sidebar or footer
  • Or, insert the Ultimeter's shortcode into any custom HTML or page builder

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Display key events with Milestones

  • Display an unlimited number
  • Hand-crafted for most meter types
  • Great for showing fundraising stages
  • Easy to use interface

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Track different data types

  • Amount of money raised
  • Percentage raised
  • Custom units - e.g. boxes, crates, people
  • WooCommerce sales data - updated automatically

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Create your own meter

  • Use your company logo or any other image
  • Watch as your chosen image 'fills' up
  • Use offsets to allow for more complex logos
  • Supports all the data types above
  • Add a dynamic counter to enhance your message

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Integrates with Gravity Forms Logo

  • Choose which Gravity Form or Forms to track
  • Track the total payments or the number of form entries
  • Works with all Ultimeter types

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Integrates with GiveWP Logo

  • Choose which GiveWP Form to track
  • Track total amount, percentage raised, number of donations or number of donors
  • Works with all Ultimeter types

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Integrates with Charitable Logo

  • Choose which Charitable campaign to track
  • Track total amount, percentage raised or the number of donations
  • Works with all Ultimeter types

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WooCommerce Add-on now Available

Purchase the Ultimeter for WooCommerce add-on and get the following features:

  • Data updates automatically and instantly
  • Track total sales or units sold
  • Track one or multiple products, by value or stock sold
  • Choose date ranges, including all-time, this year, this month, this week, or a custom range
  • Automatically display a percentage of the total, for instance where a share of profits will be donated

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Welcome to the Infinite Meter!

  • A brand new set of three meters that do not require a target, and will count up infinitely
  • Infinite Inline - sits inside a paragraph to make your text come to life
  • Infinite Basic - a dynamic number counter, fully stylable and simplistically designed
  • Infinite Flip - display your progress using our flip counter design
  • Works will all goal options, currencies, custom formats and integrations

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Add an animated celebration to your meter

  • Reach your target in style
  • Change size and quantity of confetti
  • Choose how long to display the celebration for
  • New celebration styles coming soon!

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Why do I need a progress meter?

As people approach a goal, external representations, which increase the ease of visualizing the goal, enhance goal pursuit
— Cheema, A., & Bagchi, R., The Effect of Goal Visualization on Goal Pursuit: Implications for Consumers and Managers.

Or, to put it more simply, when people see how close you are to reaching your target, they rush to make sure you get there. Imagine you are fundraising for a new school building. You could probably just say how much you’ve raised so far. Just the number. On a page. But according to psychology, your site visitors are far more likely to donate if they can see a visual representation of how far you have until you reach your target.

Therefore, Ultimeter works. Visual representations of goal progress get people motivated. It really is as simple as that. And the result of having an Ultimeter on your page is more donations. More support. More purchases. More conversions.

100s of organisations around the world are already using Ultimeter to do just that. Packed with features to help you configure your Ultimeter the way you want, it comes with fantastic support and an easy to use interface.

Try it now. We are confident it will pay for itself, in no time at all.

photo of Tom McRae

“Bouncingsprout really know what they’re doing. Not only did they add the functionality I wanted, but they also asked all the right questions to get the most out of the changes, and added great ideas to the mix. They’re a pleasure to work with too – thanks, guys!”

More Incredible Features

It doesn't just end there. You won't find a more complete solution for displaying progress and goals on your website!

Full currency support

Ultimeter automatically formats the displayed values in the currency you specify.

Singular & Plural

Enter both singular and plural versions for custom units. E.g. 1 shelf vs 10 shelves.

Use External Data

Use WordPress hooks to take data from any plugin that provides a suitable function.

Ultimeter list view

View and manage all your available meters from one page, and delete them in bulk.


Once you have a meter configured, you can hit the duplicate button to create a copy.

Shortcode Copying

With one simple button, you can copy the code needed to get your meter up and running.

Custom Styling

Each meter allows you to make unlimited changes to it's style and design.

Choose your language

Percentages are language formatted, so the sign is correctly placed in Turkish or Arabic sites.