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By integrating your theme with Block, Suspend, Report for BuddyPress, you send a message to your customers that your product has safety and moderation, front and center. And you can make some serious money while doing it. Ready to start?

How does it work?

What you do

  • Sign up here
  • Give us access to your theme so we can get started (development environment licence is fine)
  • Work with us to ensure our Professional and Enterprise Editions integrate seamlessly with your theme
  • Tell all your prospective customers that you are fully integrated with the most advanced BuddyPress safety and moderation plugin
  • Use our affiliate link to make some money when a customer purchases our plugin

What we do

  • We'll send you a licence for our plugin
  • We'll make sure your theme integrates perfectly and provide heaps of suggestions
  • We'll add your theme to our recommended themes list. People trust us to help them create a safe and secure site.
  • Once you have earned above our threshold, we will send you your affiliate balance
  • We will market your theme as a 'showcase' product for a month, on our site and on social media.

What can you earn?

Refer and Earn

Refer customers to Block, Suspend, Report for BuddyPress and earn up to 25% commission on each successful sale. Enjoy uncapped, unlimited commissions!

Link Generator

Easily create referral links containing your affiliate code to any page on our website using the link generator tool.

Detailed Statistics

View accurate performance data in your private affiliate area. See up-to-date information for visits, referrals, conversions, campaigns and payouts.

Affiliate Highlights

  • Earn 20% commission on every new sale you refer AND for each renewal.
  • View up-to-date visit, referral and payout data in your affiliate area.
  • Get commission for automated subscription renewals.
  • Enjoy unlimited commissions.
  • 60-day tracking cookie after the first visit to maximize earnings potential.
  • Payouts in USD and processed monthly via PayPal (minimum amount $100.00).
  • As we reserve 30 days for potential refunds, we only pay commissions that are older than 30 days.

Shall we get started?
Sign up now.

  • Accepted file types: zip, Max. file size: 192 MB.
    Please upload a copy of your theme in a single zip file. If your theme requires a licence to be used, please tell us how that will be provided in the box below.
  • This should be a valid PayPal address.
  • The website that will be used to link to our plugin page. Feel free to add more below.
  • Please provide details on how you intend to promote Block, Suspend, Report for BuddyPress (please be as specific as possible). Examples include on your own site, social media, and on your ThemeForest page.
  • Please feel free to provide any relevant website or social media statistics, e.g. monthly unique site visits, number of email subscribers, followers, etc. (we will keep this information confidential).
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