Website Maintenance

Do you have an existing website? Is it running slow? Is the information out of date? Are your customers seeing error messages? I can help

For a flat fee, I can perform one-off maintenance on your website. It all starts with the contact form below.

  • New content
  • New pages
  • Image replacement
  • CSS edits (the code that changes how things look)
  • PHP or server side language fixes
  • Branding adjustments (for example, new logos or colour schemes)
  • Speed optmisation
  • Error message investigation
  • Plugin updates or removal
  • Company information changes (for example, contant info in footers)
  • Updates to privacy policies and GDPR compliance
  • Whole site optimisation audits

Emergency Maintenance

If you believe your site is fully offline, or you suspect that it may have been hacked, please get in touch urgently. Do not attempt to make any site changes until you have spoken to myself or another web professional.

Examples of critical problems include:

  • Completely blank screens
  • “Unable to establish a database connection”
  • Type 500 Server Errors
  • Type 504 Timeout errors
  • Google Map disappearance from contact page
  • ANY evidence of hacking or malware

I will assess your situation as a matter of priority and explain what has happened and how it can be resolved.

If you would like me to deal with the problem, I will give you an immediate quote based on my hourly rate. If you’d like to deal with the problem yourself or use another developer, there will be no charge for any advice received by me.

I know what it feels like to have a website stop working and the worry that it will affect your business or those who rely on you. So let me help.

Head straight to the contact form below and tick the priority checkbox

How can I help?

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